Importance of Computer Maintenance


We have all heard about the importance of computer maintenance, but many of us don’t know exactly what it is. With technology becoming more advanced, we can’t afford to neglect any of our computers. Your computer has a life time of ten to fifteen years if you take good care of it.

You are not supposed to just keep your computer in storage for the entire life of the machine. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your computer considerably.

  • The most important step you can do for your computer is to turn it off and remove all the components from it.
  • Then empty the recycle bin and remove any files.
  • Then start cleaning it by turning it on and stopping it from functioning properly.
  • Cleaning your computer should be done about once a month.

When you clean your computer, check the motherboard and install a new motherboard if necessary, as it can cause some of the less-special problems. Once it is working properly, you can install the cooling fan, change your dvd drive and then put the case back together. If you have a program or software that keeps your computer in the dark, then unplug it and then run the proper software to make it safe. Never ever leave your computer unattended without backing up files and your operating system. If you decide to use your computer for reading, then the best choice would be to buy a DVD player that can play DVDs. This gives you the freedom to play movies or play music and still be able to look at your home screen.

Get yourself a firewall, if you aren’t already using one, if you want to have control over your computer.

You can get a free trial of a firewall if you want, which should help you protect your home network. If you don’t feel comfortable with a firewall, then get a stand alone firewall. Always make sure that you take your laptop on the road. The battery will have run down and the operating system may need an upgrade.

Get different hard drive software to back up your computer. This will allow you to restore data if your computer crashes. Get the best antivirus software, you can afford. By using it, you can prevent the viruses that could attack your computer from damaging your data or destroying your computer.

Avoid running programs that have no viruses in them. When you install a virus, it will put all your files and applications at risk. Computers also need to be kept cleaned. Your computer can still be as reliable as it ever was if you follow a few tips and precautions to protect it.